Micrologic Difference

In today’s competitive environment, you want to take advantage of technology to maximize the revenue potential for your site. You need a company that will provide you with a complete solution configured to your needs. Micrologic Associates provides integrated systems that allow our clients to utilize the latest available market technology. Coupled with our software and our ability to adapt to industry demands, we are able to provide solutions that will allow you to operate more effectively and generate more revenue.

  • NO monthly fees are associated with the Micrologic system. Some competitors do charge a monthly fee for the entire life of the system. If you do not pay this monthly fee to them, you will not be able to use your system.
  • The Micrologic Revenue Numbers and Customer Data are located on a server at the Car Wash. The data is not transmitted to the Micrologic. With some competitor’s systems your data and revenue numbers are transmitted to their office where anyone would have access to the information.
  • The Micrologic software that manages the system is Browser based. From any device, whether it is a laptop, tablet or Smartphone you can click on your browser and access the Micrologic system locally or remotely. We provide a Dashboard that will give up to the minute statistical information such as car count (this hour, last hour, all day and the pace that you are currently running), total dollars, discounted dollars, average ticket amount and labor percentage. This information is updated every minute.
  • With Micrologic system the operator can access the data and reports for the Unlimited Auto Recharges. Some systems require you to go to a separate website to view the reports and the cards that have been charged.
  • The Micrologic system does not charge a transaction fee for selling, offering or accepting Gift or Reward Cards.
  • The Micrologic system offers a “Decline Minimizer” software feature for the Monthly Unlimited customers. Each night the system will check to see if a credit card that is being billed for the monthly account has been updated with a new credit card number or expiration date. Then when the Micrologic system sends the customer information for billing, the account will have the most up to date credit card information. We are the only company offering this feature. In addition, we do not store any credit card data on your computer. We use the latest technology called Tokenization to ensure that your system is PCI compliant.
  • The Micrologic software already has an integrated Quick Lube module build into the Management Software. There is no need to purchase additional software, just add the terminal in the Lube bays.
  • Micrologic builds their own Tunnel Controller which can be stand alone or be integrated with any car wash equipment. Micrologic utilizes double pole relays in the LogicWash Tunnel Controller – this is relevant when you have a piece of equipment and a lighting fixture associated with it; each item can be supplied with a different voltage; with Micrologic you can add a relay board with a block of 8 versus a minimum of 16 for the competition. The programming is done with any device with a web browser.
  • The Micrologic Tunnel Controller includes an Industrial Computer which runs the functions of the tunnel independant of the Revenue Management System. This means that the Tunnel can still function if the Revenue computer is not operating for any reason.
  • We design and build our own Auto Cashier Payment Terminal. A local metal fabrication company builds the enclosure and every Pegasus Payment Terminal is assembled and tested in our office in New Jersey. With this approach we control our destiny for the features offered. Our design has all cash handling is located in a separate locked section so that only management personnel can gain access.
  • On our Pegasus payment machine, the Gift Card option encodes the card as it is being dispensed – some systems require that the gift card be put into the credit card reader for programming.
  • We offer a Stand-Alone RFID system that can be installed in a lane without a Payment machine. The Micrologic RFID tags can be customized with the customer’s name and logo. This is great for customers who have Tunnels and In-bay-automatic sites and does not require the operator to change the current payment machine.
  • On the Pegasus Payment machine if a customer purchases the lower Unlimited package, we can prompt them to upgrade for the day and if they say “Yes” that customer does not have to pull out their credit card. We will charge the credit card that they used when they signed up.

Micrologic is the only company that offers a full line of Car Wash Management systems no matter which type of operation; Self-Serve Bays, In-Bay Automatic and Tunnels. The systems can all communicate to one server on the property and process credit cards through one merchant account.The entire system is manufactured, sold and supported by Micrologic. Some systems use third party Payment Terminals, Tunnel Controllers or software.