Customer Rewards Program

Engage your customers by using the LogicWash Rewards program. Consumers are value driven and seek rewards for business loyalty.  LogicWash Rewards Program delivers flexible, customizable, reward and bonus programs.

The LogicWash rewards program provides the ability to identify and reward those customers, in order to ensure they remain your customers and purchase more goods and services. A well designed and applied loyalty program plays a significant role in obtaining new customers.

 A rewards program helps attract and recognize new customers, and applies effective strategies to get them to return time and time again. A major benefit of a rewards program is that at the point of sale your staff can identify customers by scanning/swiping their card or entering a code or phone number. This enables staff to address customers by name and view the customer profile in terms of sales history and other important details. Reward program tracking also provides further information to staff that enables them to provide personalized service to the customer, including up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

 Rewards programs including exclusive Member Only sales, rewards points, discounted products or services can provide your business with the needed edge to set you apart from the competition. Any business that can store data on customers and then track their contribution to the business and spending behaviors is positioned to boost their sales.

Reward your repeat customers for doing business with you:

  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Drive sales and profitable growth
  • Launch and manage programs with ease
  • Quickly design and implement
  • Develop targeted marketing programs
  • Streamline administration process

Utilize any number of reward plans such as:

  • Free Birthday Wash: Offer free or discounted Birthday Wash
  • Visits Based Plan: Customers can buy quantity number of washes and get the next wash free
  • Points Based Plan: Accumulate points based on specific services. Redeem those points for free services, discounts, etc.
  • X Day Guarantee: Offer discounts based upon returning within so many days of purchasing a wash
  • Discount Program: Receive discounts on other purchases within car wash such as detail services, inventory and, impulse items.