Monthly Wash Program Guarantees a Steady Income Stream

As part of our LogicWash Web Management System, Micrologic offers a Monthly Wash Program, which is an excellent way for car wash owners to further simplify their operations and, furthermore, ensure a steady revenue stream. The Monthly Wash Program is perfect for regular customers, as our proprietary system can identify their cars and immediately apply their car wash preferences.

The program nominally works just like a gym membership, allowing customers to sign up and charging them automatically each month rather than making them pay each time they come to get their car washed. Subsequently, our radio-frequency identification (RFID) system will recognize them when they come in and LogicWash will create the wash they selected. A tamper-resistant tag on the car’s windshield provides for electronic tracking, and it can be programmed for unlimited or restrictive use, depending on the package each customer has purchased.

The Monthly Wash Program includes as many wash options as you offer your customers, and allows them to upgrade or change their preferences as desired. It is an integral part of the LogicWash system, so there is no extra cost or additional installation necessary if you choose to offer it. LogicWash lets you track all of your operations across as many locations as you own, allowing you to track both customer-oriented services and back end processes.

With modern point of sale terminals, payment machines and tunnel controllers, all of which can be managed via wireless handheld devices, LogicWash is the ideal option to improve the efficiency and profitability of your car wash. For more information on our products and sales, contact Micrologic by phone or online.