Micrologic develops and sells a number of software products to help optimize car wash operations, streamlining everything from tunnel operation and inventory management to payments processing. All our solutions are scaled to meet the needs of each business, based on the size of the operation and number of users.

LogicWash®LogicWash is a comprehensive car wash management platform. It enables greeters and cashiers to process transactions and serve customers quickly and effectively. Store managers are able to maintain tight control over inventory, pricing, suppliers, promotions, customer information, and reporting. LogicWash accepts variable payment types and can look up VIP customer information. It enables employees to use the system to recommend products to customers and provide personalized service.

Pegasus Payment Kiosk®: This entry payment terminal guides customers along each step of the payment process on a 15-inch touchscreen. It takes credit and debit cards as well as cash and includes a security camera, while the hardware is built to withstand harsh weather. It can be adjusted to feature special promotions and even dispense gift cards.

Tunnel ControllerMicrologic Tunnel Controller is designed to integrate seamlessly with your tunnel equipment allowing operators to manage and control chemicals and equipment more efficiently. The controller can have up to 256 inputs and 256 outputs and be programmed with any browser based device.

CleanCarPass® RFIDMicrologic’s radio frequency identification (RFID) systems allow car washes to recognize vehicles and offer their customers the Monthly Wash program by use of tamper resistant RFID windshield tags. The system can be set to automatically bill a customer on their anniversary date.

WashAssist®WashAssist delivers all the car wash management and reporting capabilities you’ve come to expect from Micrologic.

  • Remote Management Made Easy
  • Full system features
  • Fast, comprehensive reports for individual or all locations
  • Log in locally or remotely with any device with an internet browser.
  • Real-time transaction display (car counts, labor %, average sale per)
  • Total site management
  • Enterprise scalable

LogicLube: The LogicLube software can be integrated with LogicWash or be deployed on its own. It creates a database to track the purchasing trends of frequent customers, allowing managers to foster long-lasting relationships. By tracking customers’ vehicles, via their license plate or with a barcode, technicians can always be ready to adjust to each car’s specifications.

LogicBay: LogicBay is a credit card system that allows car wash owners to benefit from the most profitable of payment methods. It is designed to support credit payments in self-service car washes and can be installed on existing coin boxes. In this manner, it makes processing payments easier for customers and owners alike.