Decline Minimizer

We help you reduce monthly churn.

The Micrologic system offers a “Decline Minimizer” software feature for the Monthly Unlimited customers.

Each night the carwash system will check to see if a credit card that is being billed for the monthly account has been updated with a new credit card number or expiration date. Then when the Micrologic carwash system sends the customer information for billing, the account will have the most up to date credit card information. This eliminates the need to call the customer or wait until they come to the site to provide an updated card. Some sites have seen up to a 60% reduction in declined credit cards. In addition, we do not store any credit card data on your computer. We use the latest technology called Tokenization to ensure that your system is PCI compliant.

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Key Features

 Increased Curb Appeal: In addition to providing cover and shade for your customers, a canopy adds a large decorative element that invites customers into your car wash.

 Customizable: We can customize your canopy to match your car wash, add welcome signs and clearance bars, and allow for the addition of RFID readers or security cameras.

 Strong & Sturdy: Made from high grade extruded aluminum and stainless steel fasteners, our double-post pay station canopies are built to withstand winds up to 140mph.

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Sophisticated Engineering Washes the Car’s Exterior while the Customer Enjoys the Ride


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Oil Change

Oil Change and Car Wash Under the Same Roof for Car Care Inside and Out


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Convenient One-Stop-Shop for Fuel and Car Wash to Get the Customer Back on the Road Quickly


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