Car Wash License Plate Recognition

LogicVision LPR is the latest in car wash technology.

The LogicVision LPR (License Plate Recognition) system from Micrologic provides a more convenient and cost-effective alternative to RFID tags. License plate recognition technology allows wash sites to gain a better understanding of wash frequency and offer specific services as customers enter the wash.

LogicVision LPR can be used for customers who sign up for monthly wash plans. Using a kiosk for the sign-up process and capturing the plate number eliminates the need to install an RFID tag, so it reduces the overall cost to run a monthly wash program.

LogicVision LPR identifies the customer by reading the plate, make, model, and color of the vehicle, and gives you the opportunity to track and market to both your Monthly Wash customers and non-plan customers.

In addition, the LogicVision LPR system works with our Decline Minimizer software feature. The system identifies the car and the software checks for updates to the corresponding customers’ credit card numbers and expiration dates for your Monthly Unlimited customers.

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Key Features

 Save Time & Money – Not having to affix RFID tags will save your greeters time and will save your car wash money.

 Enhanced Marketing – Since you can now track customers by license plate, you now have the ability to customize your offers to non-plan customers as well as those on a monthly wash plan.

 Convenience – In addition to saving time for your greeters, LogicVision LPR also provides convenience to your customers as you can set up your car wash to start automatically for customers on certain plans.

 Decline Minimizer – LogicVision LPR identifies the car and our software feature checks for updates to the corresponding customers’ credit card numbers and expiration dates for your Monthly Unlimited customers.

Car Wash License Plate Recognition FAQs

What is LPR and how can it help me grow my car wash business?

LPR is license plate recognition, and it can help your car wash by streamlining the customer experience. It also enables you to capture the plate number of cars as they enter your car wash and allows you to track and market to all of your customers.

What’s the difference between using LPR and RFID?

LPR and RFID solutions function similarly, but there are a few differences. LPR is more convenient and cost-effective than RFID because it eliminates the need for installing an RFID tag on the customer’s car.

What are the advantages of using an LPR system?

Using an LPR system such as LogicVision LPR enables you to market directly to your customers, understand who is visiting your car wash, upsell memberships, and helps to create a streamline experience for your customers to keep them coming back.

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