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Welcomemat Wash Solutions uses a sophisticated marketing platform to harnesses the power of intelligent car wash marketing to drive up car counts and ultimately help convert monthly wash club memberships and unlimited wash plan members.

Through tight back-end api and webhook integrations, Welcomemat and Micrologic have created a fully integrated suite of marketing solutions that react off real time activity captured through Micrologic. These automated integrations are best-in-class and allow our car wash operators to have a marketing system that is always working behind the scenes and driving significant growth.

• Drive new customer acquisition and track every result through POS
• Remarket to newly captured customers to encourage membership sign ups
• Increase stickiness of members by leveraging integrated text and email to encourage habit formation
• Reduce churn by intercepting a declined credit card and asking customer via text to update
• Grow positive google reviews through text/email
• Follow up with members who left the club and win them back through automated strategies
• Create an automated holiday calendar for both club and non-club members throughout the year


New Customer Acquisition Strategies

The formula – find the “right” customer, invite them to your wash, do a great job for them, and then ask them to join your membership program. When this formula is properly executed you get a “stickier” customer who will stay in your member program longer – reducing churn and member attrition.
Welcomemat offers tools that leverage SMS, email, social ad targeting, direct mail and POS integration to effectively communicate with your best prospects and customers, engaging them at the appropriate times — ultimately driving membership growth.

Welcomemat’s strategy begins with capturing your best prospective customers in-and-around your wash location. By overlaying Welcomemat’s car wash data model to an area, we are able to find those with the highest propensity to visit and become members. Welcomemat’s 17-year car wash model is ever-changing and continues to be refined with new car wash data each month.

Welcomemat specializes in grand opening strategies and ongoing growth strategies.

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Car Wash Marketing FAQs

What kind of marketing tactics do you utilize for your car wash marketing clients?

We utilize a good mix of both traditional and digital advertising to help our car wash marketing clients scale their business. We also help with branding, design, web development, and even set our clients up with their own marketing cloud for full tracking and attribution. Digital solutions include set-it-and-forget it SMS, email, digital ads, social ads, and more.

Do you help with traditional print marketing as well as newer forms of digital marketing?

Yes, our car wash marketing services include traditional and digital marketing services including digital ads, postcards, social media management, SMS marketing, email marketing, web design, branding, and analytics. We also have created blended technology that allows for integration of digital and traditional marketing tactics to capture customers across all mediums.

What’s the best way to market a car wash company?

Unfortunately there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to marketing. We work with each of our clients one on one to understand the needs of their car wash, and provide an action plan to help get your company from point A to point B.

How does integrated marketing with POS benefit me?

Micrologic and Welcomemat have created an automated marketing platform that allows customers to have the most sophisticated and real-time marketing engine working for them while they focus on what they do best – operating a car wash. The level of technology that is brought together through POS and marketing integrations and includes SMS, email, digital ads, traditional and more is the leading industry platform for new customer and member growth.