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WashAssist is an enterprise software application that combines all of your sites into one solution.

WashAssist dashboardRemote Management Made Easy!

The larger your car wash operation, the more control you need to manage your business, both strategically and tactically. The ability to instantly see live data of your car counts, revenue and memberships becomes even more important as your business grows. WashAssist is the answer for your car wash business operations at all levels, from viewing terminals to transactions and reporting all in one software solution for all of your sites. WashAssist can be used locally at your car wash or remotely on your computer or smart phone.

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Why use WashAssist?

  • WashAssist mobile appSingle software application for all sites
  • Dashboard can show cars washed, labor %, membership, and average sales per car for a single site or all sites
  • Dashboard for memberships
  • Replication status monitor
  • Employee schedule with weather for the week
  • Reports can be run for single location or all
  • Enhanced reports for memberships
  • Text message completion of membership from kiosk (customer enters a phone number in kiosk, and it sends a text message to complete name and email address)
  • Maintenance section for keeping track of service and repairs at your facility. 
  • Policies and procedures section: single place for keeping documentation
  • Tunnel controller configuration module

Key Features:

  • Dashboard: Up to the minute information about your cars washed, labor percentage, membership and average sales per car.
  • Customers:  Track all of your customers by name, plate or barcode ID. Additional features include House Accounts, Prepaid Washes, Gift Cards and Monthly Wash programs.
  • Inventory: Monitor your inventory with quantity on hand, reorder quantity and vendors.
  • Transactions: Make adjustments, view bank drops, credit card transactions, payouts and ticket details.
  • Employee Management: Monitor and adjust time clock punches, scheduling and commissions.
  • Maintenance: Keep up to date and tracking of the maintenance of your car wash. Create work orders, scheduled preventative maintenance items, parts tracking and vendors.
  • Configuration: Complete setup information for wash packages, extra services, discounts, departments and taxes.
  • Reporting: Run reports for all sites or individual sites. Generate reports for different time periods with detailed or summary information.
  • Mobile App: Available for IOS and Android