Oil Change & Quick Lube Software Solutions

LogicLube is our complete Quick Lube management solution.

LogicLube is an intuitive and advanced lube management system which can be implemented in a stand-alone profit center or integrated with our LogicWash® software. Designed with insight from industry professionals to help streamline workflows, LogicLube can assist in generating revenue and managing operational efficiencies.

Our LogicLube software creates a database to help strengthen customer relationships and assist team members in recognizing the needs and purchasing trends of frequent customers. The database will recognize when customers are due for a visit and offers the ability to send friendly reminders, helping to create long-lasting and profitable relationships.

The LogicLube solution allows team members to identify and track customers by a number of different convenient methods, such as license plate, VIN number or registration barcode. Crucial information is provided to your technicians such as the recommended oil and air filter, engine diagrams and other considerations for the customer’s specific make and model of vehicle. This information is used to create a “Pending Work Order” which streamlines the process and allows your business to serve more customers per hour.

Contact Micrologic today to see how our LogicLube system can deliver an all-in-one solution to increase the efficiency and profitability of your business.

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Key Features

 Increased efficiency with intuitive software tailored to your facility.

 Customer tracking with the ability to send customers a reminder when they are due for service.

 LogicLube recommends oil and air filters and provides engine diagrams and other crucial information.

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