Car Wash Vacuum Systems

LogicWash® Vacuums are the right choice for building customer loyalty.

The Right Vacuum System is the Key to Repeat Customers

All too often, vacuums are a bit of an afterthought when it comes to planning a new car wash or revamping an existing operation. But with a LogicWash® Vacuum system, your car wash has a powerful tool for creating loyal repeat customers.

Vacuums are often the one piece of a facility that patrons are operating and interacting with themselves, so it’s crucial to have a system that is easy to use and does a fantastic job. People tend to spend more time in their car than they do looking at the vehicle’s exterior – a clean that is comparatively fleeting. A powerful vacuum system leaves a lasting impression on customers who value a clean interior and will keep them coming back.

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Key Features

 Single Stall Design: Less maintenance required, and less downtime compared to central vacuum systems. If one vacuum has a problem, it doesn’t mean they all have a problem as with a central vacuum system.

 Free/Paid/Combination: You can customize your pay system so customers receive a set amount of vacuum time with a paid wash, then can pay to add extra time if desired. If customers prefer to vacuum only, they can simply buy vacuum time and skip the wash. Customers will appreciate the flexibility and return to your site whether they need to vacuum, wash or both.

 Visual Appeal: Vacuum systems are a major factor in your overall site’s aesthetics and curb appeal – crucial for catching the eye of drivers. Consider how much space your vacuum plaza accounts for. This is prime space for displaying your wash’s colors, logo, name and other branding elements.

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