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LogicWash® Visual Queue

Proper Queue Management Reduces Customer Frustration and Improves Efficiency

LogicWash Visual QueueThe LogicWash® Visual Queue system shows images of each vehicle and transaction that was processed at the Pegasus Payment Kiosk® . This allows your employees to view and process the order of vehicles correctly and more efficiently, thereby increasing production and enhancing the customer experience.

By keeping your customers moving you keep them happy and reduce the chance that they will go elsewhere in the future. A properly managed queue shows your customers that you care about their experience and they will be more likely to recommend your car wash to others. In addition, the LogicWash® Visual Queue system also improves your business image as it seems more innovative and in tune with the latest technology.

Car washes that have added our Visual Queue have increased their average volume on busy days up to 15 cars per hour.

LogicWash Visual Queue lineKey Features:

  • Large Stainless Steel NEMA Monitor shows vehicles in Queue and what washes they purchased.
  • The LogicWash® Visual Queue can handle multiple lanes.
  • Employees can add retracts to the wash at the sending station.
  • Shows “Last Seen” for monthly wash club customers. This makes sure that the vehicle entering today is the correct car preventing them from attempting to swap tags onto another vehicle. 
  • Ensures that vehicles are receiving the proper services and make corrections quickly, if necessary.