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Car Wash Operation Models & Your Options 

It’s no secret that the costs of vehicles are on the rise. A recent study from Consumer Reports confirms that people are holding on to their cars longer. This is good news for businesses, like car washes and quick lubes, that help consumers maintain their valuable investments.   As demand grows, so do the options for…
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3 Tactics for a Successful Car Wash Launch

Whether you are building from the ground up or taking over an existing car wash, you want to create a business that provides both an excellent experience for customers and provides a good return on your investment. Continually providing a great customer experience will ensure your car wash earns a good reputation, and with the…
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The Car Wash Industry, A Great Place to Invest

As entrepreneurs consider their options on what industry to invest in, the Car Wash industry is now more appealing than ever.  With a steady growth trajectory, this $33 billion industry is growth minded and full of excitement.  The payoff is definitely worth the challenge. Many car wash operations are also becoming known as “experiences” with…
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Automatically Reduce Declined Recurring Monthly Wash Program Payments

Micrologic introduces Decline Minimizer for Monthly Wash program.

Having a Monthly Wash program in today’s car wash operations is crucial for maintaining a steady income of revenue each month. As memberships grow, it becomes more difficult to stay up to date with changes to customer credit card information.

New POS Systems Prove Effective in Boosting Sales

An easy-to-use POS system is an underrated factor in securing customer loyalty.