Connecting the Dots – Integrating Marketing and POS Technologies to Drive Membership Growth

Micrologic Associates and Welcomemat Wash Solutions Discuss Partnership on ICA’s The Pitch with Carrie North.

The partnership between Micrologic Associates and Welcomemat Wash Solutions has created the most sophisticated integrated marketing, growth, and operations management system in the industry. The future of car wash marketing is here and now.

The confluence of car wash operation management systems, marketing, and membership growth strategies is a paradigm shift for the industry, but swiftly becoming the gold standard. The blend of targeted marketing tactics with code usage at the pay station, and systematic follow-up based on activity at the wash is now a proven time-saving strategy for operators to keep the member base growing.

Gone are the days of the costly blanketed marketing strategies that lead to low conversion rates and high levels of attrition for those who do convert. This new wave involves targeted marketing systems that start with data-driven identification of the “right” consumer – someone highly likely to be a regular wash member and who lives or commutes within range of the car wash location.

Once the right consumer is identified, this integrated approach allows automated seamless communication about the value of a recurring monthly car wash membership. The formula for creating “sticky” members and limiting attrition involves regularly reaching the consumer throughout the buying journey to create a car washing habit.    

Before this breakthrough partnership, such a high level of consumer interaction was complicated and unrealistic for most car wash operators.  The integration between the Micrologic platforms and Welcomemat Wash Solutions marketing systems creates a behind-the-scenes synergistic process that eliminates the need for disparate systems and tools. For example, operators no longer need to contact support for needed codes or export/import reports from POS for emails, texts or direct mail campaigns to reach buyers.

Messaging customers at strategic intervals using different voices via email and text allows for greater reach and encourages a higher frequency of visits. Communicating special events and holiday promotions keeps your brand in front of the proper audience. Creating ongoing loyalty is further simplified by leveraging Welcomemat’s marketing platforms to measure, track, and capture attribution.

Car wash operators can now leverage one integrated marketing platform that drives new customer acquisition, promotes monthly memberships, and reduces churn. Welcomemat’s digital ad platform, social tools, text, email, and direct mail systems integrate both online and offline marketing tactics with wash codes and usage data.

Micrologic Associates and Welcomemat Wash Solutions’ strategic partnership has already led to the successful implementation of the most sophisticated integrated marketing, growth and operations management systems in the car wash industry. The wave of the future is already here.


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