Micrologic – The Past, Present and Future of Car Wash Management

Micrologic Associates’ platforms are revolutionizing the car wash industry, but the success you’re realizing today as a car wash owner/operator and Micrologic customer didn’t happen overnight. Let’s take a quick look at the Micrologic story, where we came from, where we are now and how we’re growing with you.

Finding Solutions

To story begins in 1999 with the founding of the company by Miguel Gonzalez, a software engineer who headed up the design, development and implementation of the first wireless handheld trading system at the New York Stock Exchange. At Micrologic, Miguel’s initial concept was developed as a point-of-sale system for the parking industry. Several years into this parking venture, a client approached Micrologic with a new idea. Would this POS system also work for his car wash business? 

Interested in finding the answer, Miguel began to research the then-current technology in the car wash industry and found outdated and inefficient systems across the board. He began to meet with car wash industry leaders to learn their unique operational challenges and opportunities. It was clear the industry was ready for more advanced operating technology. Fortunately, so was Micrologic!  

Focusing on Efficiency

Since our inception, Micrologic understood car wash management platforms must be about simplifying your day-to-day operations so you can operate more efficiently and increase revenue. Micrologic developed an entire suite of products specifically designed to streamline everything from tunnel operation and inventory management to payment processing. Each of these solutions scalable based on your needs, the size of your operation and number of users.

Over the last decade, Micrologic realized such significant growth, we outgrew our original space and moved the corporate headquarters to Ledgewood, NJ. With a customer-centric philosophy of, “if we don’t take great care of our customers, then someone else will.”

By streamlining operations, reducing costs, acquiring more customers, enhancing customer loyalty and reducing churn, you can reduce the amount of your hard-earned revenue that goes into managing your logistics and increase the revenue that goes back into building your business. 

In the fall of 2020, Micrologic announced a strategic partnership with Welcomemat Wash Solutions. Micrologic’s car wash operators can now leverage one integrated marketing platform that drives new customer acquisition, promotes monthly memberships, and reduces churn. Welcomemat’s digital ad platform, social tools, text, email, and direct mail systems integrate both online and offline marketing tactics with wash codes and usage data.

The partnership with Welcomemat Wash Solutions aligns with our core strategy on many fronts and can help provide our mutual customers with greater insight to make more informed decisions about their marketing needs.

Growing with You

As our customers continue to achieve optimal results through the use of our integrated platforms, we are committed to expanding the scope and capabilities of your business, while remaining a trusted partner in future growth. Our technology coupled with dedicated service helps you gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Just as we were ready to answer the parking lot operator’s question, we stand ready to answer your questions and grow with you! If your operations could run more smoothly or your profits could be more robust, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at  sales@micrologic.net.